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Safety Drone - saving lives through innovation

Speed and visibility are crucial when emergency services receive a call. Citymesh's Safety Drone takes aerial images, giving a detailed overview of the situation.
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Straightforward deployment

When an emergency call comes in, the nearest Safety Drone is activated. The drone can be deployed in cases of natural disasters, fire, traffic accidents or missing persons. After only a few minutes, the emergency services have high-quality video images, so they can convert this information into immediate action.

The Safety Drone is fully integrated with the dispatch, and the drone and pilots are ready 24/7.

A helping hand for emergency services.

You see more from the sky. Discover how the Safety Drone supports your emergency services.


All too often, emergency services don't have sufficient information in the event of (natural) disasters and major road accidents.

This makes it difficult to weigh up how many personnel and other resources are needed.


The Safety Drone maps the situation and provides a lot of contextual information. 

Think, for example, of the size of the disaster and the number of people involved.


Emergency services better assess the situation, analyse risks and deploy personnel more efficiently.

This way, missions run more smoothly and safely, and lives are saved.

Join other emergency services saving lives with Citymesh.

We offer the tools to get the most out of your connectivity.
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Citymesh is at your service.

Why choose the technical expertise and support of our team.

Deploy drones without administrative hassle

Citymesh's Safety Drone makes it easier than ever before to turn to drones as an integral part of your emergency response missions.

We ensure that both the drone to and the pilots meet all requirements.

Dronehub: the platform that brings everything together

Dronehub is the ideal way to store video footage in compliance with privacy laws. You control who has access to the footage, thus avoiding unauthorized viewing of sensitive information. Assigning missions is also simple.

Any drone pilot can log into the platform and make themselves available, accept and perform missions.
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