The perfect partner for your city.

Cities are always on the move. Reacting quickly to trends, new evolutions and possible bottlenecks is therefore key. With Citymesh's smart city solutions, local governments get to see the city through fresh eyes and a clear overview is never far away. What's in a name? Smart cities are also all about smart decisions and, yes, even smart residents.

Citymesh is a true pioneer when it comes to smart cities. Innovation is in our blood: that's why we are the ideal partner for unique solutions that give everyone in the city a boost. Our motto? Short and sweet: measuring is knowing!
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How does your city become a smart city?

With a few targeted action points you can call your city a real smart city in no time.

Get the most out of new technologies

With the necessary core technologies, you have the best basis to further develop digitalisation in your city.

Citymesh examines the needs of your city and proposes the most adequate solutions.

Let the data speak for itself

Gone are the days when city employees spend hours staring at numbers in Excel files to extract key learnings.

The right solutions do the work for you.

Collect more data, perform analysis quickly and easily, and make informed decisions.

Create a digital ecosystem

A city: what exactly does that entail? One thing is certain: it extends beyond city services.

Therefore, cooperation between all components is the key to success. Companies, stores, associations, schools ... The list goes on.

You achieve the most by pulling the same end of the rope.

Engage your citizens

What are the needs and expectations of your residents?

A smart city is always aware of what is going on in the city. The right technologies can make a big difference in citizens' lives: from better mobility infrastructure to increased safety.

Join +125 cities growing with Citymesh.

We offer the tools to get the most out of your connectivity.
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Smart City solutions.

From city to digital ecosystem.

Data, data and more data

If there's one thing cities can never have enough of, it's data. Thanks to Big Data, you know at every moment what is going well and where improvements are needed.

We have the best solutions to deal with Big Data, recognise patterns and make the most efficient decisions.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) opens doors to applications that cities could previously only dream of.

For example, sensors send notifications when public trash cans are full, when air quality exceeds a limit, or when there are too few available parking spaces.

Digital twin

With a digital twin, a virtual model of the city, you turn information into action points, whether you want to improve mobility, safety or the economy in your city.

A digital twin allows you to test out new initiatives virtually before making adjustments in the real world. This gives you a better idea of the timeframe, cost and real impact of your actions.

Citymesh is at your service.

Why choose the technical expertise and support of our team.

We are your trusted partner

Whether you want to introduce specific technologies in the city or explore the possibilities, Citymesh assists you with advice, knowledge and a goal-oriented approach.

Not an empty vision, but a concrete plan of action.

Working together to achieve SDGs

Sustainability, inclusiveness and innovation are key for Flemish cities and towns in the coming years.

Let us together fully commit to the UN's SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals): we will provide the necessary connectivity and technological support.
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