Construction of British wind farm Triton Knoll almost complete

To ensure an efficient and safe operation, Vestas, the turbine manufacturer of this project, enlisted the help of Citymesh for 4G, 5G and Mesh technology.
Published on
June 9, 2021

The Triton Knoll wind farm is in the next phase of construction and is part of the world-leading Grimsby cluster. The powerful offshore wind farm will be one of the strongest contributors to the UK's green energy goals. To ensure an efficient and safe operation, Vestas, the turbine manufacturer of this project, enlisted the help of Citymesh.

The most powerful wind farm

The state-of-the-art offshore wind farm will have a maximum capacity of 857 MW. This will make Triton Knoll the most powerful wind farm in the Innogy fleet when fully operational. It will be capable of powering the equivalent of more than 800,000 British families.

Lynn, Inner Dowsing, Lincs, Humber Gateway, Westermost Rough, Race Bank and Hornsea One form the Grimsby cluster, while Triton Knoll and Hornsea Two are under construction.

A powerful wind farm needs a powerful private wireless network. To realise this, Citymesh used 4G, 5G and Mesh technology. At sea, the combination of 5G and Mesh is crucial for connecting installation vessels to shore. But also the internet and the infrastructure on board, such as access points, switches, firewalls, printers and other IT hardware, easily connects to these networks. Speeds of 50 to more than 150 Mbps per ship are achieved, and a good connection remains guaranteed.

On land, 4G technology is indispensable. The infrastructure of this technology is so ubiquitous that any SIM card can connect to it. Ships can enjoy offshore connectivity at sea and connect to local operators' networks on land without any problems.

Both solutions are supported by the Nova Node. This is a CPE designed by Citymesh to ensure a reliable wireless connection for every mobile business operation at sea, even in the most challenging scenarios.

Green energy for the UK

During a wet and unusually cold Bank Holiday in May, Britain's wind farms generated a record amount of green energy. The fact that almost half of the country's electricity is generated by wind power shows how central wind power is to Britain's modern energy system.

Triton Knoll is one of the next steps that will allow the UK to reach the government's target of net-zero emissions as soon as possible.

To ensure an efficient and safe operation, turbine manufacturer Vestas is providing the construction platform and surrounding waters with the best connectivity for a project of this scale. Offshore work started with an initial foundation installation in January 2020, which was completed in August. The wind farm will be completely operational in 2022.

Citymesh is not in its early days internationally. The telecom company, which is fully offshore certified, provided not only all Belgian wind farms but also international offshore wind farms, inter alia, in Germany and the Netherlands with ultra-reliable connectivity