Flemish vaccination centres put their trust in Citymesh connectivity

Citymesh provides connectivity in eight Flemish vaccination centres, including the Flanders Expo centre and in the Boudewijnpark in Bruges.
Published on
March 3, 2021

Citymesh provides connectivity in eight Flemish vaccination centres, including the Flanders Expo centre and in the Boudewijnpark in Bruges. With the wired and wireless network, both staff and visitors to the centre can use the internet.

A suitable solution for every vaccination strategy

Each municipality has its own approach. Citymesh's connectivity supports every step of those strategies. The invitation letter forms the basis of every vaccination strategy. On the letter, you can find your unique barcode or QR code that will be scanned at the vaccination centre when you register for vaccination. This data is processed via the network and linked to your digitized patient file. At the centre, an employee will go through your medical history with you on the basis of that digitized patient file. After the vaccination, your patient file will be updated and they provide that you will automatically receive the invitation for your second shot. So you see: every step of the process needs a high-performance network.

The network works, even in the event of a failure

The vaccination centres are being set up in various places: some locations already have a fixed internet line, others are outdated or even don’t have an internet connection at all. This requires a flexible approach. The Citymesh Connect FMU solution ensures that all employees can be reached at all times on their fixed and mobile numbers.

Citymesh checks at each location whether there is a fixed internet line available and whether it meets the current needs. After all, there must be a private network to support the staff, as well as a free and public Wi-Fi network in the waiting areas.

You can then expand that internet line with a Citymesh Event Kit that strengthens the connection throughout the entire location. In addition, a 4G Mobile Kit is provided at most locations as a failover in the event of a failure. If the internet line is lost, the connection will switch to 4G. This way the tight vaccination schedule doesn’t have to be shut down. Most municipalities opt for a premium kit because it contains 2 SIM cards. If the 4G connection fails via the first SIM card, you will simply connect to the second SIM card after a short interruption. If you do not want any interruption at all, then it is best to opt for a platinum kit with four SIM cards that fully support each other. Two SIM cards always remain connected simultaneously.

Flexible connectivity for events

Citymesh has actually been offering these flexible solution packages for year. They are ideal for events and concerts. The network solutions support access controls with scanners, cashless payments, VIP and guest WiFi. With a recent expansion in our range, Citymesh now also offers its own private 4G connections and Mobile Private Networks for events. This solution provides you with a redundant network and remains affordable due to lower costs for cabling and working hours.

For more information about our event networking solutions, please visit https://citymesh.com/en/markets/entertainment

(Originally published in Mice Magazine on Feb. 25, 2021)