Is your WiFi network ready for the first day of school?

The coronavirus chased our education system through the burning hoops of digital didactics. How should we proceed now?
Published on
December 15, 2020

The coronavirus chased our education system through the burning hoops of digital didactics. In education, distance learning and blended learning already existed to a limited extent, but it was not really ready for a complete transition. Teachers did their utmost to support their students but were plagued by technical problems, faltering home networks and the great lack of the convenience of a classroom. Now we are facing the next school year and schools have to decide how they can provide their teachers and students with a good digital learning environment.

“How should things proceed now?”

Plans have been drawn up in each school based on four possible pandemic levels. It is remarkable that blended learning has its place in every scenario. Blended learning is a well thought-out mix of face-to-face and digital education. In addition, students themselves get a piece of when, where and at what speed they process the online learning material. In this way, everything happens at the pace of the student and the teacher has a good overview of which student needs more support.

Partly digitizing your lessons, opens up a whole host of possibilities and motivates students. But before you can efficiently implement blended learning in your school, you need a reliable Wi-Fi connection at school. Our networks are equipped with access points that are dimensioned for a minimum of two connected devices per student in a class. As a result, up to 50 devices can easily connect to one access point. This way, both teachers and students have a smooth connection in every classroom and they can roam through the school without any problems.

Digital teaching in a safe classroom environment

More than ever, it has become apparent that a physical learning space is essential for a full school experience: the school is here to stay. But digital lessons can no longer be ignored in our corona-safe education. Unfortunately, recording lessons was often a difficult job due to less digital skills and teachers often missed the convenience of the classroom. If they have the option to record their lessons in the school building, this is a different story.

  1. Teachers can record their lessons in the familiar learning environment and use a blackboard, smartboard or other teaching material
  2. With WiFi 6, connectivity is guaranteed, so that the teacher has a stable connection during online lessons with students
  3. The IT employee of the school can easily assist teachers in their assignment
  4. If technical problems arise, the Citymesh helpdesk team is always ready to solve them

So it remains a priority to keep renewing the infrastructure of a school so that the learning environment can grow with its students. In this way, a school offers its students every opportunity for self-development, whatever the pandemic level!