A new website and corporate identity for Citymesh

Citymesh rebranded! Check out our new corporate identity here
Published on
December 15, 2020

Since November 5th, you can find us on this brand new website. Not only our corporate identity, but also the product information has been completely renewed. The new corporate identity reflects Citymesh more as a company, shows our evolution over the past fifteen years and fully prepares us for the future.

Citymesh is known as a perceptive B2B operator who is often the first to respond to innovative technologies. By drawing on our extensive technological knowledge, we always propose high-performance solutions.

These are our newly defined company values:

  1. Sharp: We continuously monitor the latest developments and breaks with the status quo every single time.
  2. Next Level: We offer high-performing solutions that anticipate the challenges of tomorrow and meet the needs of today's markets.
  3. Innovative Engineering: A high degree of innovation and engineering culture are the key factors of Citymesh's successful solutions.
  4. State of the Art: All technologies used by Citymesh, are thoroughly tested and validated. This rigorous testing phase guarantees the solid quality of our services.
  5. In All Fairness: Lasting collaborations require responsible business practice, integrity and clear communication. Citymesh proves it has what it takes with every satisfied customer.

The new corporate identity is the starting point for many new changes. We are all set to further strengthen our position as the fourth operator.