Recreation domain Zilvermeer innovates in three significant ways

Discover how holiday park Zilvermeer innovates in three distinct ways!
Published on
December 15, 2020

For 60 years, families and friends have enjoyed the cool waters of “the sea of the Campine”. You can easily spend a sunny day or week at the provincial recreation domain of Antwerp. To provide in the digital needs of their visitors, Zilvermeer contacted Citymesh.

1. Flawless WiFi Network

Nowadays, a flexible and high-performance network cannot be missed during your stay at a holiday park. The more visitors are enjoying their holiday on the domain, the bigger the need for WiFi becomes. The surge in popularity of streaming services such as Netflix meant a significant increase of WiFi usage. That is why Zilvermeer opted for a wireless network and a fiber connection. This network guarantees a reliable internet connection, all over the domain.

Citymesh installed the wireless network at Zilvermeer in 2009. Ever since the installation of the network, Citymesh has been monitoring and maintaining the network every single day and solves any problems in a timely manner. With this high-performance network, visitors can enjoy a fast connection, just like home! Zilvermeer is one of many holiday parks and camping sites who make use of the services of Citymesh.

2. Internet of Things

Before you can swim in the waters of the Zilvermeer, the water of the lake needs to meet two requirements. The water needs to be 17°C and the water level needs to be high enough. The measurements of the water level and temperature used to be done manually. With the reliable Citymesh network, the automation of these measurements became a possibility. The automatic measurements are done with IoT sensors.

Firstly, they use a temperature sensor. The sensor measures at all times how warm the water is. The sensor sends these measurements to an overview. On that overview, the staff of Zilvermeer can easily see how warm the water is.

Secondly, they use a water level sensor. Using the measurements, the staff can adjust the water level. The measurements happen in real-time.

3. Smart Payment Kiosk

Paying for the power supply at the Zilvermeer camping site is now a smooth experience. Using the smart payment system, any visitor can easily scan their payment card. At the touch screen, they get an overview of their balance and can follow easy instructions to get power for their caravan. This smooth and fast payment method ensures a pleasant stay at the Zilvermeer camping site.