The Digital City Pole project: a smart future for Leuven

Citymesh provides a private 5G-ready network for the Digital City Pole project in Leuven.
Published on
December 15, 2020

Citymesh provides a private 5G-ready network for the Digital City Pole project in Leuven. This project enables further smart city developments for 5G connectivity throughout the city. This will support local innovation and productivity and create jobs, especially in small and medium-sized businesses.

Smart lighting, charging station and so much more

The Digital City Pole project involves the development and pilot installation of a modular lighting pole that serves as the basis for various smart city applications, including smart charging of electric vehicles.

Citymesh provides the connectivity for this innovative project in collaboration with the Finnish telecom company Nokia and TRES. TRES sees the renewal of lampposts as a feasible and concrete goal with which the city can be transformed completely. The organization wants to modernize existing lamp posts with energy-efficient LED lighting and charging sockets for electric vehicles. These lampposts are also used as a connection point in a high-performance wireless network and for modern sensors.

Leuven as European “Lab of the Future”

These adjustments to the city lighting in Leuven make more smart city services possible.

“The City of Leuven is fully supportive of the project. With Leuven recently selected as the European Capital of Innovation 2020, this is another great example of how we bring ideas to life. We have the necessary framework to transform ideas into reality, with an extensive ecosystem of talented partners and innovative business models. Leuven will promote the construction of new infrastructure, in order to make Leuven and the Flanders region more intelligent and digitalized.”

The Digital City Pole project is supported by the Flemish government and the European Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.