Gent Jazz and Jazz Middelheim: a total experience for visitors

Powerful wifi infrastructure for festivals is no longer futuristic

Jazz Middelheim is one of the oldest festivals in Belgium. However, the organization gained momentum when vzw Jazz en Muziek took the reins in 2008. Gent Jazz has also gone through a major evolution. Fifteen years ago, in fact, it was still a small-scale festival. A few years after the first edition, the festival outgrew the Gravensteen and moved to the more spacious Bijloke. Gent Jazz is still organized there. 

However, a larger location also means more challenges: the Bijloke site is 8,000 m² and Park Den Brandt, where Jazz Middelheim takes place, is also not to be underestimated. However, a network that provides coverage on the entire site is a must. After all, the organization of an event involves a great deal. Think, for example, of the payment terminals for the food and beverage stands. Gent Jazz welcomed about 2,300 visitors a day, at Jazz Middelheim there were more than 3,000 a day: so a large number of orders have to be processed. Through corona, we worked with a system of QR codes, which allow the order to be registered in the system. These contribute greatly to the digitization of the event. 

Digitalization for festivals? That's what Citymesh knows all about.

It could not have been said more eloquently by Frederik: "live music is the dna of our organization." Both festivals go for a total experience, paying particular attention to technology and the audio-visual experience of the visitor. A strong structure is also indispensable for this. The wifi infrastructure is also used by employees. An example: photographers have to deal with large files. Indeed, they need to be able to upload and download the photos quickly, to ensure that they are on social media as soon as possible. This requires a powerful and reliable Internet connection, Frederik says. 

In doing so, he also looks to the future. Frederik says, for example, that in Japan they already have performances using holograms. A lot is also possible in terms of lasers and lighting. Jazz Middelheim and Gent Jazz would also be open to this in the future, but that requires the right technology to make it possible.


  • WiFi network for technical and audiovisual purposes
  • WiFi network for payment terminals at food and beverage stands
  • Connectivity for communications between staff and for the press room
  • Continuous technical support during the festival

These are just the crucial moments when we need Citymesh the most. For example, if orders were not transmitted properly, it would be a catastrophe, but there have been no outages. That obviously makes us very satisfied.
Frederik Declercq
Jazz & Music marketing manager
Gent Jazz with powerful wifi from Citymesh