Richtpunt Gent

A robust WiFi network for a forward-thinking school

Digitization at school is at cruising speed. Richtpunt Ghent realizes this as well. "You see that ICT in schools is on the rise and that this is being encouraged by the Department of Education and Training," says Henk Vlerick, director of Richtpunt campus Ghent Abdisstraat. So it was time for a future-proof and sustainable Wi-Fi infrastructure at school.

The provincial school Richtpunt Gent consists of three secondary schools and a center for adult education. That means a lot of students and course participants, of course, and even more devices. In short, a textbook example of a so-called high-density environment. In addition, Richtpunt Gent also has some unique connectivity requirements: for the payment terminals in the hairdressing school, for example.

So Richtpunt Ghent's wish list looks like this: a WiFi network that is;

  • can handle a large number of users,
  • is accessible to visitors to the school,
  • and does not require too much administrative follow-up.

Citymesh knows how to deal with that.

Citymesh installed an all-around WiFi network that is completely tailored to the school environment. The Wi-Fi infrastructure is now indispensable in the daily operation of the school. From the first to the last hour of class, students and teachers are connected to the Internet via their school laptop or tablet. Taking lessons via Bednet? Payments via Bancontact in the barber school? Wifi for visitors during after-school activities? It's just a sampling of the possibilities. 

An important condition of Richtpunt Gent was to save time. That's why Citymesh provided a portal that allows the ICT coordinator virtually no administrative follow-up. Adding or removing users is done completely automatically: handy, isn't it? "And that without losing overview: you still get an overview of who is using the network," says Paul Fostier, Director ICT Province of East Flanders. Not only the ICT coordinator saves time with this portal, but also the students and teachers. With Single Sign-On, they can log in quickly and easily, and they don't have to remember extra passwords.

  • 67x Ruckus R510 (AP)
  • 3x Ruckus R310 (AP)
  • 1x Citymesh VPN router High End
  • 7x Manageable gigabit switch 12p
  • 5x Manageable gigabit switch 28p

When we decided to expand the school, it was well overdue for a digital refresh. The collaboration with Citymesh went smoothly and correctly, completely in agreement with the province.
Paul Fostier
Director ICT Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen
Richtpunt Gent