Takeda’s manufacturing site in Lessines - a Factory of the Future - implements a private 5G network to enable new innovative use cases

Takeda, a global biopharmaceutical company, is implementing a private 5G network at its manufacturing site in Lessines, Belgium.

The network's primary goal is to ensure smooth and reliable manufacturing connectivity supporting on time delivery of life-transforming treatments to patients.

A new steady flow of connectivity thanks to Citymesh

The first task for Citymesh is to provide a network that will create a steady flow of connectivity in the new warehouse building that Takeda will inaugurate in a few
months. A 5G network will guarantee uninterrupted connectivity to support communications and new technologies introduced in the building.

Priority on efficiency…

Improved connectivity will support communications on site, both in manufacturing areas and externally. For instance, drone technology will be used
for cycle counting in the warehouse but also externally to inspect the campus.

… and safety

Takeda will also bring additional robustness to its safety program. Some examples of use cases supported by the 5G network are safer traffic thanks to an anti-
collision solution coupled to forklifts, push-to-talk devices to improve coordination of internal and external intervention teams (firefighters, etc.)
Overall, the private 5G network will improve the working conditions of the manufacturing site’s employees by enabling new use cases and providing reliable
connectivity. The network ensures that the entire site is covered with a robust and performant network, which can also support upcoming use cases as they
arise. Making Takeda in Lessines even more future-proof!