It is time to change the telecom industry.

It's time to change. To improve. We are the change connectivity needs. And it is time to keep our promise.

Citymesh has ambition. Ambition to become the 4th telecom operator in Belgium. But not just the 4th one. We want to become the first truly fair operator.

With fair prices. With no need for clever thought-out marketing packages. No small prints, no hidden costs.
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Break the bullshit

Affordable subscriptions, tailored to your every need.

No small prints, no hidden costs, only transparancy.

We won't bombard you with options, what you see is what you get. And what you pay ...

Break the price barrier

Belgian mobile and fixed internet subscription are among the most expensive in Europe, but let's change that.

At Citymesh you won't pay a dime too much.

Break the lack of feeling

Citymesh started off and grew in the world of connectivity for industries, education, health and events. 

We started of as a B2B company, so we understand how your business works and what it needs in terms of connectivity.

Break the status quo

As the constant challenger, Citymesh can't fall asleep. 

We need to change, to innovate, to solve tomorrow's problems. 

And we love it!
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Geert De Westelinck
Market Expert

More about our services. 

Mobile - Stay connected wherever you are
A mobile offering developed specifically for businesses? That's Citymesh Connect Mobile! Whatever market you operate in, we have a mobile offer that fully matches your business activities. From calls to customers to communication between your employees, with our mobile subscriptions, you're always sure of a good connection.

Reliable connection

With the mobile subscription you can always be reached and you'll never miss that one important call. You can call, SMS, MMS and surf with the inclusive data package. The data cards are compatible with all types of mobile devices.

Tailored to your needs

Combine telephony and data in one subscription, or do you only need data? We have subscriptions for every kind of user. Haven't found what you're looking for? Contact us for a customised bundle.

Fleet management

Easily manage all your employees' subscriptions with our fleet management portal. You instantly get an overview of all connected mobile devices: it couldn't be more straightforward.

FMU - Streamline your business telephony

Citymesh Connect FMU? That's Telephony-as-a-Service. Integrate all your fixed and mobile business telephony into your cloud telephone exchange. This way, your employees can always be reached on the same number, whether they are in the office, working from home or on their way to a customer. Moreover, it also benefits your team's privacy: they don't have to share their personal phone numbers with customers, but can always be reached with their work number.

Supports any work environment

We generally spend less time in the office and have a flexible working style. On the road by car, on the way to a client by train or in a co-working office: with FMU, it doesn't matter at all where your team works.

Professional calls for your customers

FMU also makes it easier for your customers to reach your team. When your customers urgently need to call one of your staff members, they don't have to search for different phone numbers.

Adapted to modern needs

Calling is much more than one-to-one calls in today's society: it is also call groups and business voicemail. Fortunately, our FMU is ready for this. Switch calls easily on your smartphone, for example.

Internet - A stable connection in the office

It is important that you can rely on your connectivity. That's why Citymesh is the ideal partner for the internet connection in your business premises. Enjoy a stable connection that can handle all applications: loading videos, presenting on smart TVs and much more. By the way, with the unlimited data volume, you never have to worry about reaching your limit: our internet is all about supporting your vision and projects, not holding them back.

The network adapts to your business

No two buildings look the same: it is therefore only logical that no two internet infrastructures look the same either. Our team will visit you to discuss the possibilities and propose a tailor-made network.

Redundancy by design

Does work in your company grind to a halt when there is a problem with the internet connection? With Citymesh's internet, that is a thing of the past. We provide 4G backup, so you can continue working effortlessly.

Citymesh is ready for you

Our team has years of experience in the business and guarantees that your business won't miss a thing. So if a network failure does occur, they shoot into action immediately to solve it.

Fixed telephony - customised business telephony

In many companies, landline telephony is still the standard. There are many advantages, after all: everyone in the office is easy to reach and you do not have to worry about mobile coverage. With Citymesh, you make sure your fixed telephony meets all your needs. We take care of the porting of all phone numbers and integrate our solution into your existing telephone exchange.

Carefree activation

Are you dreading the switch to a new provider? No need to, because we do all the work for you. So you can use your fixed telephony without having to change your phone numbers.

A clear view of your telephony

With our fleet management portal, you keep an overview at all times. All information is cast in a user-friendly dashboard, which you can consult wherever and whenever you want.

Professional service

Extra lines, integration with your existing system or something else? In case of questions or problems, Citymesh's experts are there for you. So you don't have to worry about anything: we're there for you.

VPN - A secure connection, even remotely

Efficient and secure collaboration with colleagues in different branches, employees working from home or team members in a coworking office? Then a VPN (virtual private network) is essential. A VPN allows your employees to work via a secure connection, even if they only have a public network available. This way, you can always be sure that no unwanted eyes are watching over your network and that all your files and data are safe.

Security is key

VPN connections are often associated with cybersecurity. This is because a VPN prevents data leaks and makes it more difficult for third parties to track your internet activities. Definitely important for your business.

Flexibility for all

Our team designs a network topology tailored to your business. Moreover, your VPN grows with you. For example, the VPN connection can be extended with possible bandwidth upgrades.

Choose your priorities

VPN allows you to set priorities and guarantees for types of data, including voice, video and internet usage. This way, you use your VPN connection in the most efficient way.