Need a permanent or temporary (mobile) private network?

You're at the right place. Citymesh is the European leader and expert in the construction of private 4G & 5G networks and WiFi as a Service, with +50 MPN’s deployed. In short, we get you connected!

Connectivity is essential in achieving your business objectives. Our mobile private networks are fast, ultra reliable and secure. The way we like it. As a market leader in mobile private networks, we provide the right solution for every environment, whether it's industrial, corporate or outdoors. So knock on our door, and share your connectivity needs with us.
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What do automation, remote operations and smart solutions have in common?

They all require a reliable, low-latency connection, which is hard to achieve with public networks.


When public networks just don't suffice, Citymesh offers the solution.

With private networks. From 4G and LTE to 5G. We study your needs and provide the right technology.


Use unrivalled connectivity for a bigger impact on your business.

From self-driving vehicles to smart security cameras. This is how you increase your efficiency and productivity.

Turning connectivity into operational value

Citymesh does more than installing your network: our team of experts also guides you in realising practical applications. One thing's for sure: you'll turn your connectivity investments into operational value.


Looking for a temporary or permanent mobile private network for your school? Citymesh knows exactly what you need. Whether for redundancy or to support your current WiFi network, we've got the right solution.


Don't let your connectivity hold you back and keep up with countless industrial innovations. With our mobile private networks comprehensive automation and remote operations are within reach.


Organising a festival, fair or other event? Rely on Citymesh, so you won't have to stress about your connectivity. Mobile private networks are quick to set up, flexible and grow along with your event.

Smart Cities

Is your city ready to become smart? To step into the future? A mobile private network is a good start. Connect all kinds of smart devices to a low-latency network and map your city in brand new ways.

Emergency Services

If there's one thing that's indispensable for emergency services, it's reliability. Mobile Private Networks offer a stable connection both for communication between teams and our notorious safety Drone.

Blue Economy

Connectivity and offshore operations? Our networks support you even at sea and offer an answer to all your requirements: high-speed connectivity, low latency and high bandwidth.
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