5G in Belgium,
more than a network

5G is the fifth generation in mobile networks. With this state-of-the-art technology, automation and far-reaching digitalisation are unimaginable.

5G offers all kinds of new opportunities for both consumers and in a professional context.
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Why choose 5G?

The main reason for choosing 5G is speed. In optimal conditions, 5G is as much as 100 times faster than 4G. So in practice, 5G is a good solution, for example, to transmit images from HD cameras very quickly.

Second, the latency, or delay, is also much lower than with 4G and earlier generations. The impact of this development has a greater impact for professional users than for individuals.

This is because latency is very important in industrial processes, among others: when a drone, robotic arm or self-driving vehicle receives a command via the 5G connection, the command must be executed immediately, without delay.

Finally, 5G offers more capacity. This is of great importance for automation, as more devices and machines can be connected to the same network.

5G in practice

What we can do for you.


The Internet is playing an increasing role in education today. By installing a private 5G network, schools are boosting the learning process. AR/VR as an immersive learning tool, and live streaming of lessons with ultra-high quality and no latency ... 5G is at the root of all these educational applications.


Industry 4.0, supply chain 4.0 and airport 4.0 prove that 5G is the technology of choice to make industrial processes faster and more efficient. Automation is one of the biggest factors, but there is a lot more to it: think, for example, remote control of machines and robotics.n filter, export, and drilldown on the data in a couple clicks.

Health care

Solve a problem or close a sale in real-time with chat. If no one is available, customers are seamlessly routed to email without confusion.

Smart Cities

5G is transforming cities and towns into truly smart cities. This technology can provide an answer to challenges related to the well-being of residents, mobility and the environment. For example, 5G can be used for crowd management and to automate the management of public buildings.

Emergency Services

5G can save valuable time for emergency services and ensure that personnel are deployed as efficiently as possible. In combination with the Safety Drone, for example, this technology is used to share video footage in real time with police, fire and other emergency services.


Even far from the coastline, 5G can make a difference. Connectivity at sea is no easy task, so a private network is ideal for reliable communications and data collection. Some applications of 5G in the offshore industry include predictive maintenance, video streaming and communication between teams on land and on the ship.