Wifi: indispensable in our modern society

Wifi is everywhere, literally. It is the most widely used wireless network for a reason: you can build all your processes on wifi.

Go for a stable connection anywhere, anytime.
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Why choose WiFi?

The better your Wi-Fi infrastructure, the better your Wi-Fi connection. That may seem obvious, but it involves a thorough process.

With the right infrastructure, wifi is suitable for all kinds of high-density environments, from schools to festivals. That's why a site survey is of the utmost importance. Citymesh's experienced team visits and analyzes where coverage is needed. A plan is then drawn up for an optimal Wi-Fi solution.

Managing your Wi-Fi networks also goes smoothly with our tools. WiFiLab, our in-house developed platform, brings all the insights together in a user-friendly dashboard. That way, you don't have to stare at figures yourself; the platform displays the information. You spend less time on analysis and can respond faster to trends.

That way you tune your networks better to the users and get the most out of all your access points.

WiFi in practice.

What we can do for you.


Our WiFi-as-a-Service model for schools and universities is the ideal way to provide connectivity for your teachers, students and school staff. With Single Sign-On, every user logs in smoothly. No wasted time and most importantly, no frustration.


In industrial environments, capacity is one of the most important factors for connectivity. With Citymesh's Wi-Fi technology, more devices can connect to your network, leading to greater efficiency and productivity.


Setting up a Wi-Fi network temporarily? Thanks to Citymesh, it's a piece of cake. No matter how big or small your event, we have the right Wi-Fi solution for your needs. Video sharing, chat messaging and cashless payments: it's all equally seamless.

Smart Cities

As a smart city, offer free public Wi-Fi to your residents. This is how you ensure that everyone has access to important information and digital tools. With the WiFi4EU initiative, Citymesh already installed WiFi networks in public buildings, plazas and more.


Where there is no public 4G coverage, we easily set up a private 4G network. A great asset at sea! This allows your personnel, both onshore and offshore, to communicate efficiently at all times.