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Citymesh, the leading supplier of effective mobile connectivity, enhances efficiency and simplification by connecting devices, platforms, systems, and employees, with solutions offering security by design, speed, capacity, and ultra-low latency, all crucial capabilities to enable the growing push to innovative applications.

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boost of productivity

Connectivity solutions can boost industrial productivity by up to 30% through improved asset utilization, process efficiencies, and enhanced workforce productivity


Citymesh is your perfect partner for navigating the digital transition, providing schools and universities with secure, user-friendly, and personalized online environments, and excelling in installing, maintaining, and scaling WiFi networks for education.

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1 Mbps
per student

is recommended to effectively support digital learning.

Warehousing & Logistics

In an era where every second counts, Citymesh is at the forefront of bringing the future of logistics to your doorstep. As Belgium's pioneering technology partner, we leverage cutting-edge 5G solutions to transform your warehouse operations, ensuring your business is not just keeping pace but setting the pace in innovation and efficiency.

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Venues and events connecting with Citymesh. We offer the tools to get the most out of your connectivity.°


Together, we'll innovate healthcare with connectivity, enhancing care and efficiency through better communication and automation, supporting staff with smart, affordable solutions.

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of healthcare professionals believe digital health tools can improve patient outcomes.

Airports & Ports

In airports and ports, our connectivity solutions transform operations, ensuring efficient, secure, and seamless flow of passengers and goods, facilitating advanced coordination and real-time data exchange for smoother, safer travel and trade.

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passengers by 2037, highlighting the critical need for robust connectivity solutions to manage the increased flow of passengers efficiently.

Entertainment venues

Whether it's a modern concert hall or a fifty-year-old concrete arena, connectivity is essential in today's entertainment industry. From simple cashless payments to an immersive VR experience, we can provide the technology to make it all happen.

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connected devices globally, with a significant portion utilized in the entertainment and events sector for enhanced audience engagement and operational efficiency.

Events & Festivals

The festival of the future needs a lot of digital connectivity. Think cashless payments, ticket scanning, but also high-speed connectivity to enable video streaming for people at home or on-site crowd control cameras. Citymesh has proven to be the best possible digital partner for all of these solutions.

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67% of event attendees believe that technology can enhance their festival experience

Emergency Services

Citymesh ensures safety and innovation with the Safety Drone, providing rapid aerial imagery for a comprehensive overview in emergencies, enhancing speed and visibility for emergency services.

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Drones can reduce the response time of emergency services by up to 40%.


Citymesh is the ideal ally for dynamic cities, offering smart city solutions that enable local governments to swiftly respond to trends and challenges. With innovation at our core, we empower smart decisions and informed citizens.

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Quality of life

Smart city technology can improve key quality-of-life indicators by 30%, including areas such as public safety, health, and convenience, underscoring the impact of connectivity solutions in enhancing urban living.


Citymesh ensures seamless connectivity wherever you are, offering offshore solutions for personnel and equipment, enabling real-time insights, critical communications, video streaming, and sensor integration, even when on land.

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operational efficiency

Effective connectivity can improve safety outcomes by 30% and operational efficiency of offshore environments.

Sports stadiums

From fast and reliable Wi-Fi in the press room to live streaming or public Wi-Fi for the crowd: whatever your connectivity needs are, we can line up a winning combination at your race, match or meeting.

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of fans

claim that Wi-Fi availability would enhance their stadium experience