Unburdening healthcare together.

Connectivity is the key to a future-proof healthcare. The advantages are countless: improved patient experience, more efficient information exchange among hospital staff and time-saving automation.

Let's work together to give patients the best care, and support doctors and nurses with innovative solutions that save time and money.
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Connected hospitals, the future of healthcare.

Connectivity is shaping the future of hospitals and healthcare as a whole. So, where to start when it comes to connected hospitals?

The right connectivity for medical devices

More and more medical and smart devices in hospitals need to be connected to the internet. Is your current infrastructure capable of accommodating the large number of devices?

Citymesh offers a comprehensive solution for your hospital or healthcare facility. And why not take it to the next level: with low-latency connectivity, robotic surgeries are finally within reach.

Patients' privacy and security first

Patient data is some of the most sensitive data out there: we should be extremely protective and careful with sharing information about our mental and physical health.

Citymesh's networks contribute to a secure online hospital environment, as we offer privacy by design. For example, our 5G network supports network slicing, which creates separate segments within the network for visitors, patients, doctors and other hospital staff.

Track valuable goods

Want to keep track of shipments, such as medicine or medical devices? Citymesh provides 0G connectivity to make sure no valuable cargo is lost.

It's possible to not only track the location of parcels, but also the surrounding temperature and humidity, so that you are certain that nothing went wrong during shipping.

Creating a connected healthcare ecosystem.

Flexible applications for streamlined operations.

Reliable telehealth

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the first steps were taken to ensure reliable remote patient care.

Now, more and more hospitals are moving towards offering telehealth more permanently.

Remote healthcare is only possible with the right connectivity solutions.

Sharing data, the secure way

With remote healthcare on the rise, hospitals have to think of secure ways to share data amongst hospital staff on the one hand, and between doctors and patients on the other hand.

Citymesh connectivity enables doctors and nurses to receive lab results, MRI scans and other data even when they're on the go, without compromising on security.

Internet of Healthcare Things

By collecting more data through the use of wearables and sensors, hospital staff can continuously monitor their patients' health status, from their heart rate to their glucose levels, allowing for more accurate diagnoses.

The Internet of Things can also be used to gain an overview of the hospital site, such as the busiest areas, to improve the staff's workflow.

Citymesh is at your service.

Why choose the technical expertise and support of our team.

In-house expertise

By combining the right technologies, such as 5G, 4G and WiFi, we create connectivity magic.

Our team goes the extra mile: we learn about your specific needs and get to work to create the perfect infrastructure for your hospital or healthcare facility.

Coverage in every corner of your hospital

We all hate it when our signal bars drop, but in healthcare the consequences can be substantial.

With our networks, internet issues are a thing of the past. We make sure that the entire site has stable coverage.