Citymesh is the ideal partner to guide you through the digital leap.

Citymesh gives schools and universities the building blocks for a secure, user-friendly and personalised online environment.

We excel at installing, maintaining and scaling WiFi networks for education.
Don't worry, we'll fix it.
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Relief at every step

The Internet is indispensable in education today. Students use tablets for online exercises, teachers teach with smart whiteboards, and parents take a quick look at the school's online ad valvas in the evening.

There are all sorts of reasons why the Internet at your school or university could use an upgrade.
Want a WiFi network that deserves a 10/10 and won't cost you a penny too much?

Let's connect!
How we do it

Citymesh supports your school in five easy steps.

A transparant approach at every stage.


Your request will reach the Market Expert Education, who will be your personal contact from now on.

Audit and/or site survey

During the audit and/or site survey, we examine the existing equipment, the specifics of the school building and the area where coverage should be provided. We come up with targeted solutions.


Our team pours all collected information into a quote. After accepting the quote, we create a Purchase Order and the school receives a startup email.


Now the implementation will start. The school will be assigned a project manager who will be ready to answer questions and manage the project.


Citymesh stays involved with your WiFi infrastructure, even after installation. We monitor the network and provide the necessary technical support. Would you like to leave the complete management of the network to Citymesh? Of course you can!

Join +130 schools growing with Citymesh.

We offer the tools to get the most out of your connectivity.
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Connectivity - the unifying link throughout your school

A personal portal page

The school bell rings, and hundreds of students and teachers connect to the WiFi network. With Single Sign-On, this is a smooth and secure process.

On the portal page, formatted in the school's branding, they simply enter their credentials from Smartschool, Google and Office 365.

At any time, the school or university manages who has access to the network.

Security above all

No user ever has to worry about network security: Citymesh thinks about everything. With our Firewall-as-a-Service, the school or university itself determines which websites are accessible and which rights users have.

Teachers can also use a VPN to securely forward files from home, prepare presentations on the school platform and print.

Your school, your network

Citymesh's WiFi infrastructure can handle all the unique challenges of a school environment. You can count on reliable coverage in all classrooms, on the playground, in the gym and more.

We also take into account the large number of users: even if everyone connects to the Internet at the same time, good connectivity is guaranteed.

Citymesh is at your service.

Why choose the technical expertise and support of our team.

Silver for the price of Bronze

Citymesh offers schools and universities a low-cost maintenance contract: you get Silver-level support for the price of a Bronze contract.

The biggest advantages of this formula: you can reach the service desk 24/7 and faulty hardware components are replaced free of charge.

24/7 monitoring

Having a problem with the WiFi network? Citymesh is already working on it!

Thanks to our monitoring tools, we are immediately informed when the network is not working properly. If a problem is detected, a ticket is automatically created for the help desk.

Quick fix

When a problem arises outside of school hours, you don't want students and teachers to be left out in the cold. That's why you can count on a quick solution.

Moreover, our team takes school hours into account in order to disturb students and teachers as little as possible.
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Contact our Market Expert

Petra Vandamme
Market Expert