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Connectivity is the oil in your machine. Connect your devices, platforms, systems and employees for seamless operation.

Citymesh's solutions have the speed, capacity and ultra-low latency to enable all kinds of innovative applications.
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Industry 4.0: opening new doors

There are few areas where efficiency is of greater importance than in manufacturing, logistics and other industrial sites. One little radar that isn't working properly can affect the entire system.

With Citymesh's connectivity solutions, you know your industrial environment inside and out.

Know your industrial environment inside and out.

Connectivity - the unifying link throughout your industry

Increase your production and output

Small tweaks, big results. Analyse the potential of each machine and truck for ultimate fine-tuning of your production and logistics.

Optimise using a digital twin, a virtual model of the factory or industrial site, for example.

Promote the safety of your employees

New insights not only contribute to the efficiency of your industrial site, but also create a safer working environment for all your employees.

Thanks to our technology, you have the necessary data to analyze any incidents and prevent incidents in the future.

Go smarter with energy

Sustainable energy and water management is a must for industrial environments. Deploy connectivity to avoid high energy losses. For example, with real-time energy management, you know at a glance which machines are the biggest  consumers and at what times you have intensive consumption.

Then turn this information into action points and optimize your energy management.

Join +100 industry sites growing with Citymesh.

We offer the tools to get the most out of your connectivity.
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Connectivity in practice.

Tackle real-world challenges with the right solutions.

Understanding your business operations

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a driving force behind Industry 4.0 for good reason.

This technology gives you insight into your entire operation, allowing you to identify bottlenecks faster.

From asset tracking for improved inventory management to more efficient waste management: IoT facilitates it all.

Predictive maintenance

Having a problem with the WiFi network? Citymesh is already working on it!

What if you could move away from periodic maintenance and instead maintain a machine at the exact right time? That's exactly what predictive maintenance does.

Sensors indicate when a machine is no longer working optimally and thus in need of maintenance or repair.

Predictive maintenance not only allows you to save costs by intervening earlier when problems arise, it also avoids unnecessary maintenance.

Innovative industrial applications

You don't implement innovation just once: it's an ongoing process.

Are your buildings and sites equipped with the right connectivity to implement innovation now and in the future?

Discover the enormous potential of new technologies, such as self-driving vehicles, automation, robotisation and AI.
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