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Complete coverage for A&S Energie

A&S Energie, based in Oostrozebeke, operates two power plants that convert non-recyclable waste wood into green heat and green electricity. With a commitment to sustainability, A&S Energie plays a key role in promoting renewable energy solutions.


A&S Energie was looking for complete network coverage to provide uninterrupted communications throughout the facility, eliminating blind spots.
The system had to be able to accommodate future expansion, and technological advancements were essential to meet evolving operational needs.


After conducting a thorough site assessment and testing phase in collaboration with A&S Energy's technical team, Citymesh proposed a robust solution based on Motorola Solutions' Mototrbo platform. The selected solution included:

  • 20 R7 radios: Providing reliable and efficient communications for personnel in various operational areas within the facility.
  • 1 fixed station: Provided a central communications hub for coordination and control.
  • 1 repeater: To boost signal strength and to extend coverage, ensuring uninterrupted communication throughout the site.


  • Tailored solution: Citymesh's customized approach ensured that the radio communications solution precisely met A&S Energie's unique operational requirements.
  • Reliability: The use of Motorola Solutions' Mototrbo platform ensured reliable communications, critical to maintaining operational efficiency and safety.
  • Scalability: The implemented solution provided the flexibility to scale and integrate additional devices or functionality in line with A&S Energie's future expansion plans.
  • Timely delivery: Leveraging its efficient logistics and stock availability, Citymesh successfully delivered the project within a short timeframe, meeting the customer's urgent needs.
  • Longevity and resilience in demanding operational environments.
  • Future-ready integration: Citymesh's solution is designed to be future-proof, able to seamlessly integrate with potential software enhancements or video surveillance systems, ensuring scalability and adaptability to evolving requirements.

Complete coverage for A&S Energie
Complete coverage for A&S Energie