Citymesh opens first office in the Netherlands

Citymesh is also establishing itself in the Netherlands, strategically close to the port of Rotterdam. Besides the office, the Belgian telecom player immediately takes over the customer portfolio, a top manager and a lot of know-how from the Dutch company Aerea Networks. This way, they guarantee continuity, combined with the innovation for which Citymesh is known.
Published on
June 29, 2023

Joeri Tranchet, COO at Citymesh, cannot hide his enthusiasm: "The constantly growing demand for both private 4G/5G and temporary networks (e.g. events), plus the presence of our shareholder Cegeka in the Netherlands, makes this a logical takeover. With our knowledge and experience in the Belgian market, complemented by the acquisition, we can easily offer total packages. From 0G to 5G, from fibre to WIFI, because connectivity doesn’t stop at the border"    

Entering the Dutch market

Nicholas Van Hoey Smith, current CEO of Aerea, will help build the Dutch market for Citymesh: "This is a great next step. Citymesh already has great use-cases in 0G, drone and Mobile Private Networks. Just think of Brussels Airport and BASF Belgium. Then again, my expertise is mainly in the events sector, so one plus one equals three. A cliché, I know, but it fits. Here in the Netherlands there is guaranteed demand for connectivity, especially at events, so the experience that Citymesh can bring in that area, also in terms of WIFI and LAN, is a nice bonus. I'm really looking forward to offering Citymesh the stage they deserve in the Netherlands."  


Now that the Dutch office is in place, Citymesh is looking forward to collaborations around fibre, as well as partnering as a virtual operator with existing Dutch operators on the basis of a mobile virtual network operator agreement. This will allow Citymesh to offer seamless roaming between private and public networks, including cross-borders. The flow between capturing data, guaranteed and secure transport and the processing of that data by cloud services and A.I. -also called the Trinity of Innovation- is thus assured, with Cegeka's experience in the Dutch market behind it. 

By the way, keep an eye on Citymesh's social channels because the Belgians are also literally heading to the Netherlands, with a big roadshow. Naturally, you can expect an invitation. 

Curious about the brand-new office in Oostvoorne? Feel free to swing by.