Citymesh provides mobile connectivity for the Province of West Flanders

Oostkamp - Citymesh has successfully won the tender of the Province of West Flanders. As a result, the province's employees will be able to call and surf on the Citymesh network as of September.
Published on
September 7, 2023

Citymesh wants to distinguish itself mainly through a fair offer, a flexible service and a personal touch. Things the province of West Flanders was looking for in this collaboration. The fact that Citymesh is a telecom player established in West Flanders, is a nice bonus. The migration of +750 SIM cards will be completed in September. A smooth transfer, due to the enthusiasm of both the province and Citymesh. 

"Bringing in this partnership feels like winning a home match. The fact that the province has chosen Citymesh confirms for us once again the confidence in Citymesh as a challenger on the market," says the enthusiastic Stijn Casteels

The province has been working hard in recent years to make West Flanders stronger, better and more attractive. Fortunately, they do not have to worry about being well connected and can fully focus on investing in bike paths, more greenery, more education and in sustainability. 

"We too are delighted with this West Flemish cooperation," says Jurgen Vanlerberghe, deputy of the Province of West Flanders. "The flexible service and focus on customer satisfaction is a great asset. "We would even dare to say it is woven into the West Flanders character," he says, smiling.

Ready for this mobile ride, employees of the Province of West Flanders will be able to call, surf and to start sharing content in September.