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Aruba: Next-Gen Networking at the Edge

Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, believes that the edge—whether an office, hospital, school, or home—is where the most dynamic experiences unfold. Here, they focus on enabling secure edge-to-cloud networking solutions that are simplified, faster, and automated through AI-based machine learning, providing insights that drive business success.

Aruba's Core Offerings and Values

Aruba offers a cloud-native networking approach, which meets customers' connectivity, security, and financial needs across various environments. Their Edge Services Platform (Aruba ESP) harnesses the power of AI to deliver an automated network management and security system with predictive insights.

"Together with Citymesh, we're at the forefront of creating a connected future, where businesses lead technological advancement and efficiency. Our combined efforts are set to unveil revolutionary solutions that will redefine connectivity."

Aline Loiseau
Head of Emea Sales

Empowering Connectivity with Citymesh

The collaboration between HPE Aruba and Citymesh marries Aruba's networking and security solutions with Citymesh's expertise in 5G private networks and Network as a Service (NaaS). This partnership is dedicated to empowering cities, businesses, and communities with seamless, reliable, and fast connectivity.