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Athonet: Leaders in Private Cellular Network Technology

Athonet, a leader in private cellular network technology acquired by Hewlett Packard Enterprise, delivers mobile core solutions that enable enterprises and service providers to connect applications, devices, and radios effectively. With over 18 years of experience, Athonet supports industries and governments in achieving network control, mobility, security, performance, and cost-effective business outcomes.

"Athonet and Citymesh share a common vision to serve demanding industries and governments with reliable and critical solutions. Our partnership is a commitment to performance and customer satisfaction, and together, we deliver successful and disruptive market solutions."

Aline Loiseau
Head of Emea Sales

Innovative 5G Core Solutions

Athonet provides efficient software-based 5G core network and IMS solutions tailored for enterprise, industry, government, public safety, and mission-critical applications. Pioneering in virtualized cellular core networks and cloud-based mobile core platforms, Athonet offers unparalleled network visibility and control.