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Econocom at the Forefront of Digital Services

Econocom, a seasoned digital general contractor (DGC), leverages 50 years of innovation to drive the digital transformation of substantial firms and public organizations. With a unique market position, Econocom integrates project financing, equipment distribution, and digital services, operating in 16 countries and boasting a strong workforce of over 8,750 employees, culminating in €2,718m in revenue for 2022.

"Our shared commitment to innovation and digital transformation fuels this partnership. Econocom's digital education expertise, combined with Citymesh's connectivity proficiency, creates a potent synergy. Together, we are devoted to crafting exceptional experiences that shape the future of learning."

Hilde Janssens
Marketing Director Econocom

Digital Transformation Tailored for Education

With a dedicated mission to revolutionize education, Econocom empowers schools and institutions across Europe to center their digital transformation around user needs, maximizing the benefits of digitalization. Econocom Education champions educational reform through sustainable technology adoption, offering comprehensive digital ecosystems such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft, and partnering with Citymesh to deliver tailored WiFi network solutions that are pivotal for digital integration within classrooms.