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Citymesh Partner Showcase:

Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks: Effortless Networking Experiences

Extreme Networks, Inc. (EXTR) is committed to creating effortless networking experiences, propelling the advancement of technology through machine learning, AI, analytics, and automation. With a global trust base of over 50,000 customers, Extreme Networks delivers end-to-end, cloud-driven networking solutions that catalyze digital transformation.

"Our alliance with Citymesh through projects like Digipolis showcases our capability to deploy seamless, easy-to-manage wireless solutions on a large scale, using a unified platform. This partnership amplifies our dedication to providing effortless networking experiences."

Alexander Bosmans
Country Manager Benelux

Extensive Network Solutions

Extreme Networks provides a spectrum of cloud-driven networking solutions, backed by top-rated services and support. These solutions are tailored to enable organizations to progress in their digital transformation journeys efficiently and effectively.