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Citymesh Partner Showcase:

Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks: Pioneers in AI Networking and Connected Security

Juniper Networks, a global leader in AI Networking, Cloud, and Connected Security Solutions, is dedicated to transforming how people connect, work, and live. Juniper challenges the complexities of the 5G and Cloud era to deliver network experiences that power the most crucial connections in education, healthcare, and secure banking, aiming to advance meaningful outcomes for network teams and individuals they serve.

"Juniper's partnership with Citymesh is built on a foundation of shared values and approaches. We both see the world through a lens of connecting people and possibilities, underpinned by a strong base of innovation and knowledge. Together, we're likeable rebels on a mission to make a difference in the networking world."

Geert Cornelis
Senior Partner Accounting Manager Benelux

Elevating Connectivity with Juniper

Juniper Networks is enthusiastic about elevating its partnership with Citymesh to new heights, valuing the shared focus on innovation and the connection of people and opportunities. Juniper recognizes and appreciates Citymesh's efforts in achieving required certifications and looks forward to a future of growing mutual business and breakthrough solutions.