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Citymesh Partner Showcase:

Peplink - Frontier BV

Tech partner

Introducing Frontier BV

Frontier BV distinguishes itself as a premier value-added distributor of SD-WAN solutions, extending its expertise across Europe, the United Kingdom, and the US. As the foremost European Peplink distributor, Frontier BV delivers unparalleled connectivity solutions, underpinned by extensive knowledge, impeccable service, and a robust supply chain.

"In a telecom industry that's constantly in flux, challenging us to improve incessantly, our partnership with Citymesh has been instrumental. It's our swift and effective communication that enables us to present top-tier connectivity solutions to the global market."

Richard Koenders
Managing Director Frontier BV

Synergistic Goals and Collaborative Strengths

The alliance between Frontier BV and Citymesh is forged on a shared commitment to provide dependable and resilient connectivity solutions worldwide. Citymesh engages directly with end-users to comprehend their unique connectivity requirements, while Frontier BV seamlessly interlinks Citymesh with our esteemed suppliers. This collaboration is our foundation for co-developing technologies and products that address specific user needs, driving strength in our partnership within the fast-paced technology sector.