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Sensolus - Pioneering IoT Solutions

Based in Ghent, Sensolus is revolutionizing the Internet of Things (IoT) for industries like manufacturing, transport, logistics, and waste management. Their robust IoT solutions, including rugged trackers and an advanced cloud platform, create digital twins for transport carriers, optimizing the entire supply chain. With a successful track record and over 500 satisfied customers, including renowned names like Airbus and Volvo Cars, Sensolus is expanding its innovative solutions to global markets.

Fostering a Connected Future

"Our partnership with Citymesh signifies a substantial expansion of business, facilitating a seamless transition for our customers to Sensolus's technology and platform. This collaboration not only amplifies our capabilities but also ensures a smooth and efficient adoption process for our users."

Kristoff Van Rattinghe
CEO Sensolus

Unique Collaboration for IoT Expansion

In 2021, when Citymesh acquired the Belgian national IoT Sigfox network, Sensolus seized the opportunity for a logical transition to Citymesh. This move has fostered a unique partnership that allows Sensolus to leverage Citymesh's customer portfolio, providing comprehensive connectivity solutions and enhancing Citymesh's multi-technology offerings with Sensolus's IoT products.