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Citymesh Partner Showcase:

Terra 4D - Tersec

Product partner

Tersec: Advanced Public Safety Solutions

With over two decades of experience, Tersec has established itself as a trusted IT integrator in the realm of public safety solutions. Their flagship product, Terra4D, offers a next-generation command and control center solution that enhances situational awareness through geo-referenced security management, unifying all security systems and data sources for comprehensive oversight.

"Citymesh's expertise in connectivity is vital for the implementation of our Terra4D solutions. Our long-standing relationship with Citymesh allows us to work closely on command and control center solutions that are essential for mission-critical operations. The collaboration ensures that we can deliver comprehensive, large-scale solutions to our clients."

Tom De Jaegher
CEO Tersec 

Unifying Command and Control

Tersec's Terra4D platform is a cutting-edge solution that brings together disparate security elements into a cohesive, responsive framework. By integrating various data sources, Terra4D provides a robust situational awareness tool that is crucial for public safety and mission-critical operations.