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Zetes - Bridging Physical and Digital

Zetes has been an innovator for over 35 years, providing solutions that connect the physical world to the digital, ensuring innovative, reliable, and compliant processes for customers. Specializing in mobile terminals, handheld computers, scanners, and printers, Zetes enhances agility, visibility, and traceability across the entire supply chain. From packaging lines to warehouses and stores, Zetes solutions enable real-time insights and control, streamlining process execution and data communication.

"Joining forces with Citymesh strengthens our capacity to offer cutting-edge connected solutions. Together, we are more robust, advancing our mission to deliver agile and efficient supply chain management in a world where connectivity is crucial."

Gilbert Wellemans
Country Manager Zetes

Enhanced Connectivity and Supply Chain Efficiency

With the goal of improved data communication for faster information transfer within businesses and to partners and customers, Zetes recognizes the increasing importance of connectivity. This recognition led to the partnership with Citymesh, allowing Zetes to propose a broad range of connectivity solutions, including the latest 5G technologies, to its customers.