Port of Zeebrugge sets course for innovation

Future-proof thanks to private 5G network

More than 100 years ago, the port of Zeebrugge was inaugurated. Today it is a world port that continues to work on accessibility by putting innovation and technology to good use. 

"We were looking for a solution to solve our connectivity problems within the port area. Different parts of the port were very difficult to reach," said Tom Hautekiet, CEO of Port of Zeebrugge. The port also wanted to exploit its own network to external users. "With our vision of the future, we as port authority want to serve as a facilitator of a private 5G network for all port companies that want to commit to innovation,"

A vast, complex domain where traditional operators cannot provide connectivity is right up Citymesh's alley.

With the 5G network, there is a good connection to the most extensive geographical parts," said Tom Hautekiet. "Thanks to the private network, the port can guarantee mission-critical communications and data remains securely stored on its own network." Companies at the port use the private 5G network for dispatching, connectivity to straddle carriers, automated vehicles (AGV), track and trace systems and critical communications. In turn, emergency services and drones can also provide guaranteed communications in otherwise hard-to-reach locations.

With the realization of this 5G network, innovation and automation are shifting up a gear. Thus, Citymesh's network pushes forward efficient, fast and optimal connectivity . "The contact and cooperation with Citymesh went smoothly. We experienced a strong will to actively look for solutions together with us. The flexibility of the company and its employees provides a good dynamic."

Addressing challenges is also crucial to ensuring the port's growth, Tom Hautekiet emphasizes. "Each obstacle is addressed individually, without losing sight of the broader framework. The intensified use of 5G offers opportunities to constantly evaluate and fine-tune the private network where necessary. Here, too, we can always call on their knowledge and we are kept on the ball."


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With our vision of the future, we as port authorities want to serve as facilitators of a private 5G network for all port companies that want to commit to innovation.
Tom Hautekiet
CEO Port of Zeebrugge
Port of Zeebrugge