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Health, safety, quality and environmental policy statement

ISO 9001, ISO 27001 management system and SCC**

Our organisation's policy is aimed at continuously meeting the high expectations of Citymesh's internal and external environment.

The policy focuses on the ambition to have the greatest added value possible for our customers and to contribute to achieving their strategic goals.  To achieve this, the policy also places an important focus on selecting, retaining and expanding the knowledge and skills of our employees.  Meeting the conditions as defined in the applicable standards with the aim of securing and continuously improving the quality, data security, health, safety and environment management system.

Citymesh is committed to a global vision and operation relating to health, safety, quality and environment (HSQE). Care for the wellbeing of our employees, all the people involved and the environment is important in our work methods.In any case, the organisation pays attention to the prevention of material damage, environmental damage and personal injury and continuously aims for improvement in the field of HSQE, both in our organisation and on our sites.

The quality and safety policy is built around ‘Connecting Opportunities’

Citymesh is a leading connectivity provider and the fourth largest telecom operator in Belgium. We provide connectivity in all forms and convert it immediately into operational value, thanks to a hard focus on solutions, innovation and humanity.

Infinitely curious

Faster, smaller, better! Innovating is programmed in our DNA, we are innovators in heart and soul. Finding solutions for today and tomorrow's problems, that's why we get out of bed. We are purebred game changers, drenched in curiosity. Curious minds with a thirst for knowledge, technology and change.

With a human touch

Even though our solutions excel in terms of technology, Citymesh consists of real people. We get a kick out of bits and bytes, but also love working together, being sociable and chatting with customers or colleagues. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, we feel customers' needs and we get what work hard, play hard means.

Built on knowledge and innovation

Citymesh is bursting with talent, expertise and knowledge to turn words into deeds. Driven by research and development, we invent new or improve existing solutions. Always structured, sometimes through trial and error, but always with confidence in our people.

Change for impact

There's no progress without change. But we don't do idle promises and vague visions. Citymesh seeks impact. Impact for our customers, impact for ourselves, impact for society. Because a better connection is a better society. That's why we made the deliberate choice to help customers in all pillars of society (education, health, mobility, etc).

The leadership keeps employees informed about this policy and the resulting agreements, monitors the implementation of this policy and makes adjustments when necessary. The policy statement is revised at least every three years. The objectives and KPIs are drawn up annually and reflected in an annual plan, which is communicated to all employees. The objectives and KPIs are proactively monitored, evaluated and immediately adjusted where necessary during the various consultations. Once a year, a final performance evaluation takes place via the management review.

Citymesh wants processes to be carried out by its employees as laid down.  Employees and third parties working on behalf of Citymesh also need to support this policy from their own responsibility and commitment to the quality, safety and data security of our organisation and our services.

On behalf of the Leadership, 1 March 2023
Mitch De Geest