Saving lives from the sky, through drones.

Big news, big project! We are proud to present you world's first Safety drone network. Thanks to drones we bring extra speed, information, and crucial minutes to Belgian (and European) emergency services. 

In a world first, police stations and fire stations across Belgium will have Drones-in-a-Box (DiaB) at their disposal. When emergency services receive a call, depending on the type of call, the Safety Drone will take off to gather critical information in the first 15 minutes.

Thanks to 4K high definition & thermal images enriched with AI, the emergency services get a lot more info on the situation and can thus make better and faster decisions... Crucial minutes for a human life sometimes.
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A world premiere, how it works.

Emergency services receive an overwhelming number of calls every day. This forces them to make quick decisions, mostly based on incomplete information.

This unfortunately leads to an inefficient use of personnel, as they aren't always aware of the number of people required to be on the scene. It also causes them to waste valuable time, minutes that are crucial for saving a human life.

This is where the Safety Drone comes in. Our custom built drone arrives on the scene in mere minutes, before the emergency services have even left. They receive real-time video footage and, based on this information, they can identify the best plan of action.


All too often, emergency services don't have sufficient information in the event of (natural) disasters and major road accidents.

This makes it difficult to weigh up how many personnel and other resources are needed.


When a call is received, The Safety Drone goes flying and maps the situation. That way it provides a lot of contextual information.

Think, for example, of the size of the disaster and the number of people involved.


Emergency services better assess the situation, analyse risks and deploy personnel more efficiently.

This way, missions run more smoothly and safely, and lives are saved.
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Deploying Safety Drones across all regions in Belgium

Innitiator of world’s first safety drone shield
The closer the Safety Drone is located to the incident, the quicker emergency services have access to HD imaging. We are introducing 70 Safety Drones nation-wide, 2 in each of Belgium's 35 rescue zones.

This way, we create a drone grid, as it were, supporting emergency services, firefighters and police stations across the country. Citymesh is the first to create such an extensive Drone-in-a-Box solution: it doesn't exist anywhere else in the world. Thus, it's a great way to put Belgium on the map as an innovator when it comes to safety.
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