We work hard, so you can play hard.

Connectivity and events: there's music in that. Citymesh is a specialist in wireless and wired networks, smart solutions and more.

Our technology supports all your activities and we are your partner for all networks, such as festivals, fairs, sports competitions and even construction sites.
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Temporary and fixed networks: there's something for everyone

Connectivity is indispensable to make your event a success.

Smooth communication between employees, reliable internet in the press room and even WiFi for your visitors: it's all possible with our networks.

Move from challenges to opportunities.

When it comes to connectivity, events face some unique challenges that require comprehensive solutions: anything less won't do.

The right connectivity for all devices

Different kinds of devices are used at events — lots of them, in fact.

Smartphones, tablets, laptops, payment terminals, scanners ...

With Citymesh's networks, we provide the right connectivity in the right place, so that every device is connected: from WiFi and Fiber to private LTE and 5G.

Coverage on the entire site

Events often take place outdoors or in large spaces. Providing coverage can therefore be a real challenge.

Fortunately, we can help with that. Together with you, we look at where coverage should be provided: on the entire site or just in a few areas?

That way, your employees and visitors always stay connected.

Fast, faster, fastest

Flexibility is key for events. A last-minute change or expansion is just part of the deal.

Thankfully, our connectivity is as flexible as your event. Together, we go for easy and fast setup of your network and other solutions.

That way, you don't have to worry about setting up your connectivity and can focus all your attention on your event.

Join +97 venues and events connecting with Citymesh.

We offer the tools to get the most out of your connectivity.
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Event solutions.

Flexible applications for streamlined operations.

Cashless payments and access control

The proportion of cash payments is getting smaller and smaller, so cashless and contactless payments are a must nowadays.

But of course, these terminals need to be connected to a reliable network.

Citymesh provides the required connectivity. Scanning entrance tickets or registering visitors can also be done on the same network.


Is your event connectivity sufficient for streaming?

Video streaming and a bad internet connection obviously don't mix.

Thanks to our networks the video is smooth, without hiccups.

The capacity of our networks allows for HD streaming, so the videos are as high quality as your event.

People counting

Want to know how many people attend your trade show or event?

Ditch that manual counter, Footfall AI will do the work for you.

You can then use these insights to map visitor flows and optimise the layout of your event.

Citymesh is at your service.

Why choose the technical expertise and support of our team.

Support is never too far away

In case of any problems, Citymesh doesn't leave you out in the cold. Our experts resolve any connectivity issues remotely or come by to investigate the problem.

Critical communications and applications

Our networks are always installed with critical communications and applications in mind. You can count on bandwidth being provided for employees and/or emergency services.
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